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Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game where the main objective is to explore a neighbor's house and uncover the secret that ties them together. The player is given many different options to explore the house, creating many different playthroughs. The basics of gameplay involve exploring the house, looking for clues to unravel the secret. There are many different paths that the player can take to get into the house, and they can find a lot of clues by exploring.

Once the player has found some important clues, they can make a plan to get inside the house. The player is given a limited amount of time to carry out their plan. Once inside the house, the player can explore and find more clues, but also needs to find the neighbor's room.

The player can find everything they need to get into the house by exploring the house and finding clues. The player needs to be sure to find enough clues before time runs out. Hello Neighbor is an indie horror game in which the player is on a quest to find out what their neighbor is hiding in his basement. The player is tasked with breaking and entering into the neighbor's house and exploring all the items and clues in order to find out what is going on.


The game is a stealth game which consists of exploration, puzzle solving, and combat. The player can collect items and combine them to create new items. The game is set in the suburbs, and the player can explore the neighbor's house, backyard, and basement. Combat in the game is done in a first-person shooter style.


The game features a retro graphics style, which is fitting for a horror game. The graphics are very similar to the original game, which is appreciated by many players. The graphics are high-definition, which makes it easy to see details. Hello Neighbor has a lot of replayability. Every time you play, you can explore the house in a different way, discover new clues, and do things in a different order.

Information about replayability

Hello Neighbor has a low replayability. There are two endings which can be achieved, with one being the "best" ending and the other being the "normal" ending. The player can also play the game through as a different character with a different set of abilities.


Overall, Hello Neighbor is a great game which offers a lot of replayability. The game has a lot of replay value, which is a great feature. The game has a good price, which makes it an even better deal. Hello Neighbor is a great indie horror game which offers a lot of replayability and is available for a relatively low price. Hello Neighbor has a relatively low replayability, but the game is still great. Hello Neighbor has a lot of replay value, and the game is available for a low price. Hello Neighbor is a good indie horror game which is available for a relatively low price. Hello Neighbor has a relatively low replayability, but the game is still great.


  • The game has a retro 16-bit art style
  • The player has the option to play as a female character
  • The game is set in the suburbs, which allows for a large variety of exploration
  • The game is available on both the Xbox One and PC
  • The game is a stealth game which offers a variety of gameplay options
  • The game features a low replayability
  • The game is available for the relatively low price of $19.99


  • The horror in the game is relatively mild, with very few jump scares
  • The game has been criticized for having a lack of story
  • The game is a stealth game, which can result in the game being very difficult
  • The gameplay is rather repetitive
  • The game has a high learning curve


Hello Neighbor Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor
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