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Nautical Life

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Nautical Life is a simulation game where the player is in charge of a boat and their fleet of vessels. Players can travel to all of the world's oceans and seas, from the Arctic to the Antarctic to the Indian to the Pacific. The player may also trade with other vessels, or attack them, and can also become pirates. The game features a variety of game modes, with a focus on a player's journey through the oceans. Nautical Life is a simulation game that has been developed by the German company, Deep Sea Games. This game is a simulation of life onboard a German frigate during the golden age of sail. This game was first released in November 2011 and has been praised by the critics.


The gameplay in Nautical Life is focused on the player taking on the role of a captain onboard a frigate sailing the high seas. The player can command his ship to fight other ships, trade and explore the world, as well as engage in diplomacy and enter into war. The player can also manage his ship and control its crew, get involved in battles and the management of the ship.


Nautical Life has a graphics style that is considered to be very high quality. The graphics are in 3D and include large amounts of detail that are realistic. The color palette is mostly limited to shades of blue and gray, which are fitting for the game's theme. The graphics in Nautical Life are an amalgamation of 2D and 3D graphics. The 2D graphics are used to represent the player's ship, the crew and the world map on the screen, while the 3D graphics are used to represent the battle. The developers of the game have used a 3D engine to make the battles more realistic.


Nautical Life is a long game that is difficult to complete. Players often find themselves playing the game for long periods of time, because there are so many different things to do. Players may also find that they need to play the game again to explore things that they missed the first time around.


Nautical Life is a very immersive and realistic simulation game that has been developed by the German company, Deep Sea Games. The game is set in the golden age of sail and has been praised for its high quality graphics and immersive gameplay. The game is highly replayable and is a long game that can take a player several days to complete.


  • The game has an immersive environment, excellent and varied gameplay, and a realistic 3D graphics engine


  • The game does not have any replayability value


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